Meet Roy Again (or for the First Time)

by Collie Agle

Roy will be here in Washington between November 10th and November 21th.

Roy is an old and dear friend of many of us. While he is here, he will be speaking at church services, making short presentations and answering questions at small gatherings in homes, and meeting with selected non-profits.


Roy organizes meetings for communities to consider the benefits and responsibilities of joining TCP-Vecinos.

Roy is a special person. He combines knowledge about village-based sustainable agriculture and teaching skills that have changed the lives of so many individuals and families in poor rural Honduran communities. He inspires many, both here and in Honduras. And he is very caring and compassionate with village campesinos and his North American friends. He also cares deeply for the environment.

Roy tells us that “using the Vecinos Honduras model of combining community organizing and best agro-ecology practices is proving dynamic, motivational, and effective in all the TCP-Vecinos communities.” Nearby communities see changes and are asking to be included in this program.

Please join us in welcoming Roy.

There will be some opportunities to meet with Roy personally in several small home gatherings.  For more information, email Betsy Agle (

Nov 11
• 7-9 pm
Nov 12 • 6-8 pm
Nov 19 • 7-9 pm

Nov 12 • 3-5 pm

Nov 13 • 6-8 pm

Nov 20
 • 5-7 pm

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